Students Hungry for Longer Lunches

How do you feel about the half hour lunch every day?

How do you feel about the half hour lunch every day?

David Wagner, Staff Writer

Among the many changes that have accompanied the Block Schedule, the modified lunches have perhaps received the most backlash. In a recent survey by Lions’ Digest of 225 responses, over 75% of students reported feeling that their lunch period is too short. Lunch periods are thirty minutes everyday, while other classes are ninety minutes. Lunches were not mandatory last year, but if you chose to take it, it would last forty-seven minutes (the same length as every other class) – but would count as one of the eight allotted periods. Though many students appreciate that lunch has been built into the schedule and no longer counts as a class, most feel that it is just too short.

Lunches this year are significantly shorter than regular classes, being less than half the length of regular classes. “…Only having 30 minutes for lunch is not enough time for a break during the day,” commented a student at State High. Another student argued, “The lunch should be like 10 minutes longer because it is also our free time. If we have 90 minutes of class, we can have like 40 minutes of free time to eat and study and hang out.” In previous years, the lunches allowed for a longer break every day.

Lunch is a time that most students use for eating and socializing, and some students don’t feel that there is enough time to do both. “I like the block schedule very much so far, I just think that somehow the lunch needs to be a little bit longer (like 10 minutes longer).” Some students feel that they are forced to eat in too short an amount of time. One student commented, “I do not think 30 minutes is enough time to stand in line and get lunch.” Another said, “…with so many people in the [cafeteria at once I can’t] get lunch and eat it without shoveling it in my mouth.”

Surprisingly, just over 5% of students responded that the lunch periods were too long. Some students feel that mandatory lunch is unnecessary and interferes with their day. “The fact we are required to take lunch is terrible. The spillage to the hall (especially in north) is frustrating. I would rather go sit in a classroom and do work or go to LE to sit with friends,” commented a student. Another student simply commented:,“I dislike mandatory lunch.”

The majority of students who took the Block Scheduling Survey reported that lunches are too short. It is not yet known if students will adapt to the change.