State College’s Best Black Friday Deals


Sophia Reutzel, Staff Writer

The year’s best deals are approaching as Thanksgiving nears, and stores across America have discounts on everything from bed frames to video games. The best stores in State College have great deals for anything and everything, including 2021’s most popular items. In order to get the most out of every penny on Black Friday, knowing where the best deals are is essential. Here are the best places in State College to find the most popular items at the best prices:

Best Buy

From brand new MacBooks at only $999 to Alienware gaming accessories offering up to $60 off, Best Buy’s early deals are already some of the best of Black Friday —with their even better deals soon to be revealed. Light sales start a week before Black Friday and officially open on Nov. 18, but the bulk of the deals will take place on Nov. 25, the official Black Friday. Members will also have access to some of Best Buy’s member-only deals on Cyber Monday, so keep an eye on Best Buy for some of the best technology deals. 



Although Kohl’s hasn’t released many of its deals ahead of time, it will be offering up to $50 dollars of Kohl’s cash for every $15 dollars spent, a sale that isn’t immediately helpful, but can earn you money back on future Kohl’s purchases. 


Game Stop

GameStop is running a classic sale on select used games, with a buy two get one free policy. Some of the nation’s most popular releases such as Ghosts of Tsushima: Directors Cut, Forza Horizon 5, Deathloop, and Call of Duty Vanguard. GameStop is the leader of used video games, with games that typically go for $60 dollars going for only $38 when used, so adding another deal on top of that makes GameStop the obvious choice for both classics and new games. 



As one of the most popular stores in State College, when you come to Target you can expect to see a large crowd on the busy Black Fridays. Airpods and Apple Watches are on sale for up to $60 off, with Beats headphones going for $100 instead of their typical price around $200. Target will also price match any item from now until December 24, a part of their Holiday Sale. 



Another one of America’s most popular stores, when you’re at Walmart, prepare for a huge crowd with some of the nation’s best deals. Apple’s most popular items such as the Apple Watch 3 and AirpodsPro are going for $109 and $159 respectively. Nintendo Switches will also be one of the best sales, with a Nintendo Switch and free addition of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe going for only $299. Whether you are looking for lego sets, technology, or day-to-day necessities, Walmart has deals for everything. 


Freshman Caroline English, a frequent Black Friday shopper, believes the stores with the widest variety and best sales are “…undoubtedly Target or Walmart. They are by far the most nationally popular stores, but the cheap prices make it all worth the time.” She also added that depending on what you want, the best stores will vary. “You have to go to the store that best fits your needs. Even if stores like Walmart and Target have a larger variety, they might not have what you’re looking for.”

Finding State College’s best deals will depend on what you’re looking for, with the stores with the most variety (Walmart and Target) being the overall ‘Black Friday Winners’. This Friday, don’t forget the great deals in State College’s stores, from Nintendo Switches to the trendiest clothing, you can always find great deals for whatever you love on Black Friday.