Tuning in to State High’s Music Taste

A look into what music State High students enjoy.


Above is a screenshot of a typical school playlist. Taken on Spotify.

Caroline Concepcion, Staff Writer

Music. It’s an integral part of cultures around the world, it’s a large part of many’s upbringings, and it can form the soundtrack to people’s daily lives. But music is also always different for everybody. With the wide variety of genres, from alt-rock to neo-soul, and all the streaming platforms and artists, there are millions of songs to explore. But what do State High students really enjoy? 

Some students listen to music constantly, and other students only listen when it’s convenient for them. For three freshmen in particular, music has been a giant part of their life. For freshman Alora Tallyen, the time she spends listening to music daily varies.  

“I listen to music on average, one to five hours a day,” Tallyen said. “It helps me relax and detach for a while.” 

Music can help people in a number of ways, providing an opportunity to process emotions or an escape from issues that may be weighing on someone.  

“[Music] helps me with anxiety and mental health issues. It’s a great distraction and it puts feelings into words that I couldn’t do myself,” freshman Addie Gagnon said. 

Listening to music when doing schoolwork can also help students focus. Gagnon finds that listening to music while she works helps her get things done. 

“Listening to something definitely helps me stay on task and get things done, just listen to anything that you love and it will make doing your work more enjoyable,” Gagnon said. 

For others, music can help them calm down. Tallyen looks to music with fewer lyrics when she needs to wind down.

Depeche Mode, Sufjan Stevens, or music without many lyrics helps me focus the most, [it’s] just something that calms me down and is easy to listen to,” Tallyen said.

For Gagnon, just being able to put her mind somewhere else for a few minutes can help her destress during school. 

“Anything on CTRL by SZA or Harry Styles’ album Fine Line,” said Gagnon, reflecting on the music that helps her take a step back from things. 

So what are these students listening to? With all the various artists, genres, and platforms it’s hard to pick a simple answer. 

“The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins, Ariana Grande, Inhaler, The Strokes, EMF, Wallows, The Bravery, The Neighbourhood, Radiohead, Green Day, and New Order. These are all my favorite artists,” Tallyen said. “And that’s nowhere near all of them.” 

Freshman Esme Brandt recalled her favorite song, the one that she listens to when walking through the State High halls.

“I listen to the same song all the time when walking through the hallways in between classes,” Brandt said. “It is ‘Sometimes (Backwood)’ by gigi, it’s my favorite song ever and I listen to it every day. I love everything about it.” 

Brandt also looked back on her favorite musicians, and recognized one that’s been with her throughout the years.

“My favorite [musician] is Taylor Swift,” Brandt said while laughing. “I’ve loved her my whole life.” 

Music can be impactful, encouraging, inspiring, and beautiful. For Gagnon, music pushes her to grow as a person.

“Music to me is just simply inspiring,” Gagnon reflected. “Artists and songs inspire me in so many ways, to try new things, allow myself to heal and grow.”