A Golden Initiative: Mini-THON’s Golden Sprinkles Fundraiser


A promotion post for Mini-THON’s Golden Sprinkles Fundraiser, posted on their Instagram on Feb. 14.

Nusaibah Nubah , Contributing Writer

Wondering why the color in your sprinkles was gone earlier this month? Maybe you won’t be that upset upon knowing that every golden sprinkle brought color into young children’s lives.

Mini-THON, inspired by Penn State THON, is a non-profit community organization in State College Area High School working to raise awareness and money for children battling against cancer, launched its Golden Sprinkles fundraiser on Feb. 7 to raise awareness funds for children fighting cancer. The fundraiser, which collected funds through students’ purchases of golden sprinkles at the snack bar, ran until Feb. 15. 

Senior Kylie Ehrensberger, one of the Entertainment Overalls, came up with the fundraiser idea in her sophomore year. After the arrival of the ice cream machine at State High, Ehrensberger knew she wanted to base a project off of it. 

“I looked up pictures of sprinkles and they were yellow,” Ehrensberger said, describing her research. “And yellow and blue are the colors of Mini-THON. It was a beautiful plan to raise awareness and find funds […] The bigger challenge is to raise awareness, more than receiving money.” 

Ehrensberger’s plan was previously rejected. However, this year, as the team was brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser, her idea was brought back to aid kids diagnosed with cancer in Hershey Medical Hospital.

All funds gathered by State High’s Mini-THON club will go to the Four Diamonds Fund, an organization that helps patients with pediatric cancer and their families to cover all their costs. Along with hospital bills, their day to day needs are also met. 

Students who took part in Mini-THON’s fundraiser visited the snack bar and purchased ice cream with those glittering sprinkles. It really was that simple. “GoGoldFTK,” which stands for “Go Gold For The Kids,” is the slogan the club had used for this fundraiser. 

Mini-THON’s expectations from this fundraiser were to, mainly, raise awareness and gather funds for the kids. Through the work of the members of Mini-THON and managers of the snack bar, this goal was definitely accomplished, as they sold 461 servings of sprinkles, raising $230.50. 

“This is more about awareness, than the money fundraiser,” said senior Ingrid Olsson, one of the Fundraising Overalls of Mini-THON. 

While the fundraiser has ended, students interested in supporting Mini-THON can donate to their Donor Drive and follow them on all social media platforms to stay updated on The Golden Sprinkles Fundraiser and other upcoming events.

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