Pottery Club: “Make cool friends, make cool stuff!”


Some of the projects created during the first Pottery Club meeting of the 2022-2023 school year.

Saige Adair, Staff Writer

Pottery Club is more than just a club about molding clay, it’s a community with a welcoming and creative environment to spend your time after school. The club is filled with opportunities to not only make new things but lasting friendships as well. 

It is set up like an open studio, which is time to work on a project without instruction or lessons, so previous experience with pottery is needed. New members are welcome to join as long as they have already taken or are currently taking Ceramics 1. Ceramics is only a half-year class so Pottery Club could be an opportunity for anyone if they have time in their schedule.

Senior and club president Noel Reagan has been in pottery club since their freshman year. 

“After taking it [ceramics class] my freshman year I just liked it so much, that having the opportunity to do it more often was really nice,” Reagan said. “Now that I don’t have it in my schedule this year I wanted whatever I could get.” 

Even though the club has been around for years, Ashley Corvin is now the new advisor for the 2022-2023 school year. When the art teachers shifted classes, Ms. Corvin took over ceramics so it made sense for her to be the Pottery Club advisor. This year the club may have only met once, but members are already eager for the next meeting and look forward to the rest of the year. The members are especially excited about the opportunity to be in the homecoming parade.

Marta Onacewicz, a sophomore, is just beginning pottery this year. She feels lucky to have the free studio aspect of Pottery Club as a resource.  

“Pottery is really hard to do when you don’t have the facility to do it,” Onacewicz said. “You have an open studio where you can do whatever you want. Make your artistic dreams come true.”

Many people aren’t able to experiment with pottery because they don’t have access to the supplies needed. This is no longer an obstacle with an open studio and all the available equipment.

Many clubs at State High carry on the academic atmosphere after school hours, but Pottery Club is a stress-free environment to go to after school. 

“I love going, especially if I’ve had a long or hard week, it’s kind of relaxing, or I can just work on something that’s not academic which is nice,” Reagan said.

Club vice president, sophomore Elizabeth Prenatt, also appreciates the relaxing nature of Pottery Club. 

“It’s not a lot of stress which is my favorite part about it,” Prenatt said. “I can just come in with my friends and work on the project that we’re doing, or make a new thing because it’s an open studio.” 

Many artists have one thing in common; wanting to create and share with others. Students should have time after school to do what they love in the company of others who do too.

Personal expression comes in many different forms. Experimenting with pottery may help you find yours. Whether a student is a beginner, a pro, or just looking for something to do after school, Pottery Club is a great club to join. The club meets weekly Thursdays in room F156 from 4:00-5:30 pm.