How the Completion of College Applications is Affecting the Class of 2023


Sila Guler

Various books stacked on top of each other inside of the State High library.

Sila Guler , Staff Writer

Now that it is 2023, college applications are over for State High Seniors. However, high school continues for the Class of ‘23. While this is a very exciting milestone in their lives, and a time to start looking towards their future, many seem to forget 

Their current lives still need them to be in the present. Some find it hard to continue on with high school, others find no difficulty. As the end of the school year approaches, every senior experiences different change in their motivation to do school work.

Ella McDyre, a State High senior, had experienced motivation changes since completing her applications. 

“I’ve definitely felt less motivated since turning in college applications. Because you know, now that you’ve been either accepted or denied into college, there’s not really much else that you can do in your high school career that’s going to affect your future,” McDyre stated. 

Students tend to see senior year as the easiest. While some may argue that to be true, some senior’s find it difficult to find the motivation to keep going. When someone has nothing to look toward or to work for, there really is not much that someone can do to keep up their motivation for their school work.

McDyre has tips for the upcoming seniors. 

“Don’t procrastinate doing your college applications and getting them done, because they will catch up to you,” she advised.

McDyre is not the only one saying this. Jackson Milinovich, another State High senior, said,“I wish I would’ve worked on my applications sooner and had them in earlier. That way I could have had more time to focus on school and other extracurricular activities instead of cramming all my applications in at the last minute.” 

Although it is difficult to not procrastinate, get applications filled out, and keep motivation rolling, the Class of ‘23 seems to be doing fine.