Who is Mr. Dietz?


Trevor Dietz, global studies teacher at State High, contributes to the class game, trash ball.

Victoria Billett, Staff Writer

Trevor Dietz is currently a tenth grade global studies teacher who joined SCAHS shortly after graduating in 2019. In the four years he has taught at the high school, Mr. Dietz has become one of the biggest supporters and a favorite teacher to many students in this school. 

Mr. Dietz wanted to become a teacher because he understands how much teachers can impact students and their lives. He has a sign on his desk that reads, “Be the teacher you needed when you were younger.” The phrase reminds Mr. Dietz of why he tries so hard and cares so deeply for his students. 

Dietz holds a unique mindset on teaching and student to teacher relationships. He wants students to express themselves while learning and doing activities, to not feel the need to hide. Mr. Dietz also finds it crucial for students to have a close relationship with their teachers because they too are people. 

“For teachers, I think that the greatest thing we can do is just make sure that our students know that they are cared for and that they’re loved. It is very easy to fall into the crack[s] at a large school…I think that I just want to make sure my students know that they have another loving adult in their life who is there for them when they need something, and who just always has their back…I hope when people think of me, they just think of somebody who just is there for them, they can count on, and who just feels this joy to be around them,” Mr. Ditez said. 

Sophomore Josephine Nagel is a current student in Mr. Dietz’s Global Studies class. 

“I like how laid back he is and like chilled out. He’s not super strict on dates or anything,” Nagel said. “I love his little notes thing that he does, they help me a lot. They make me remember all the information that he’s feeding me.” 

Another current student of his, sophomore Reese Fischer, explained how his thoughtfulness and care are what make him a nice, funny, and effective teacher. “He gives me fist bumps and he talks to me like a person instead of just a student like some teachers. He also shows that he cares about creating connections with his students, and his teaching methods are very helpful because he doesn’t make us do constant work that burns us out. He is interactive with us which helps our attention,” she said

Mr. Dietz is the type of teacher who puts time and effort into a healthy student-teacher relationship and will be very understanding if his students need help with anything. Mr.Dietz cares about his students’ feelings and wants them to know he is always there for them. He doesn’t let his goals get lost in his lessons; he makes sure every student can find a safe place in his class. In the few years Mr. Dietz has taught, he has become a trusted adult to many, and will continue to help students in the future.