The Artful Ally Ellis


Zoë Ellis

Ally Ellis holding her two of her sketches.

Jamie Claar, Staff Writer

From the dawn of time, humans have used art to convey their feelings and emotions to each other. Ally Ellis, junior, carries on this tradition of human nature. Although currently enrolled in the Delta Program, Ellis’s art has a significant impact on the students at State High. She came over to Lions’ Digest to talk art and her beginnings.


What made you decide to start making art?

“I’ve always loved creating. When I was little I would sit and finger paint for hours and hours on end. Then, as I got older and started developing my skills. My passion for art grew exponentially. Around freshman year, I started seriously considering art as a career, and I’ve been pursuing that path ever since.”


Have you entered any competitions?

“I haven’t, but I’ve had my art in many of the SCASD shows at the Hub, and I had a show at Webster’s in August.”


What inspires you?

“I’m inspired by a multitude of things. I’m inspired by music, literature, and other artists. Art has also become a really therapeutic outlet for me to channel my emotions. It’s become so much more than a hobby. It’s an essential part of my life.”


Who’s your favorite artist?

“It’s so hard to choose, but I’ve recently become interested in Basquiat. His pieces are so complex and compelling. I love his style.”


What are the personal benefits of doing art?

“As I mentioned earlier, art is therapeutic for me. It’s helped me through some tough times and has allowed me to start to figure out who I really am and who I want to be.”


What is your medium (material)?

“I’ll work with anything and everything. I love working with graphite, acrylic, encaustic, collage – you name it. For a while, however, I’ve been doing a lot of abstract works in pen and I’ve really enjoyed it.”


Any other Hobbies other than art?

“I love playing and listening to music. I’m in a band called Here All Week and I play saxophone, viola, and guitar. It’s such a great group of people. I also love reading and I love poetry. Last year I participated in Poetry Out Loud and made it to the state level.”


Anyone interested in purchasing art can reach her at [email protected]. Anyone else just interested in keeping up with Ellis’s current projects can do so by following allyellisart on Instagram.