The Inside View on Winter Guard


The State High Winter Guard after their third competition. Photo courtesy of Susan High.

Jessie Kellerman, Staff Writer

One of the most commonly known parts of State High is the Marching Band. However, most people who are interested in marching band, but afraid of commitment, tend to shy away from the opportunity. Such State High students should consider joining Winter Guard. 

Since Winter Guard is a new club, most don’t know a lot about it or how to join. Founded in October 2022, Winter Guard is for those interested in becoming part of State High colorguard. Joining the club requires no prior experience with spinning a flag, only the willingness to learn a new skill. 

Adrian Costello, State High freshman, is a first year member of Winter Guard. “After seeing videos online, I found I had developed an interest in learning how to spin flags,” Costello said. The club includes not only learning how to spin flags, but also learning tosses on sabers and rifles as well. “Shortly after joining I also learned how to spin saber, which I like the fact of diversity by allowing everyone to find something they feel comfortable with,” Costello said. 

Mia High is a senior at State High and is the president and founder of the club. “Being the captain of a new team is a particular challenge because you have to build a foundation for future years while also focusing on the current years’ goals and show,” High said.

Almost half of the club members will be leaving at the end of the school year, leaving a lot of space for those who want future leadership positions. “Being a part of this club has been so fun for me after only being in my first year,” Costello said, “I am interested in becoming a Treasurer for next year which really excites me.” 

High also mentioned their own personal history of guard. “I started color guard in my freshman year because I wanted to be in the marching band, but my mom told me I could not be on the drumline,” High said. “We talked to my neighbor, who happened to be Mr. Leskowitz, and he suggested that I join the colorguard.”

Winter Guard is currently looking for members to join for the 2023-2024 season in hopes of keeping the new club in business. Whether they are someone looking to try something new, or just wanting more experience, Winter Guard can be the perfect fit for anyone.