C’s and D’s Oh My!


Baylie Cameron, Staff Writer

With the first semester coming to a close and midterms fast approaching, the stress levels are skyrocketing. Whether you have a B you want to make an A or you just want to pass the class, here are some tricks to help you bring your grade up in these last two weeks.


Extra Credit! Whether your teacher offers it to the whole class or not, it’s so easy to walk up to them, or email them if you’re a little shy, and simply say “Hey I’m not happy with the grade I have and am willing to do extra work to raise it, do you happen to have anything I can do for extra credit?”


Talk to Your Teacher. Some teachers just don’t believe in extra credit. If you do ask and they say no, try talking to them about getting some help. Most teachers give a test or project towards the end of the marking period to wrap things up. Try asking your teacher to help you with it or for extra time.


Study! This seems so obvious but many students don’t study. Whether you don’t know how or just don’t want to, it’s a life skill you’ll need to possess if you plan on going to college. Whether you’re studying for an upcoming test or for the midterm: take notes, use quizlet, make flashcards, or use a technique you find helpful.


Get Organized! It seems so useless, but organizing your materials can help clear your thoughts and better concentrate on the material.


Pay Attention In Class. Another obvious, yet 100% effective solution. It’s hard not to get distracted in 90 minute classes; especially when you have your phone and are surrounded by friends. Simply listening to what the teacher is saying can enhance your learning by 25%.


Create a Study Group! If you have friends in the same class or even who are learning the same material, make a group chat or meet somewhere to study. It’s super fun and also very beneficial to your learning!


Get Sleep! Sometimes getting a full eight hours of sleep can be tricky when you have sports, homework, and a social life. However, balancing your schedule so that you can sleep early is essential. Once you get in the habit it’ll flow naturally.


Some students have their own methods. “I always make sure to do my assignments right away and take my time. This ensures that I do them well and that I remember the information correctly,” said freshman Abby English. Junior Makayla Fetzer agrees, “It’s hard not to procrastinate but in the end it’s for the best.”

Even if the marking period ends with a D, remember grades are not eternal and there’s always next semester. Best of luck!