SCASD Teacher Pay

Photo provided by The State College Area School District

Photo provided by The State College Area School District

Anthony Fitzgerald

The State College Area School District has oversight on the overall financial aspects of the SCASD pay scale. The estimated value of administrator benefits range from different salaries received. Teachers and aides within the State College Area School District are eligible to receive between $21,064 and up to $21,768 annually. A school librarian receives $52,760 annually with a salary range of $31,430-$76,850.

The efficient salary rates depend on the profession. School administrators who fall into the category of being a guidance counselor receive up to $95,180 a year, with a salary range of $51,960 – $165,540. Guidance counselors can receive up to $52,120 a year with a salary range of $39,590-$71,430.

President and representative for the State College Area Education Association, Shai McGowan, believes that there must be fair treatment among educators and taxpayers, both new and old. In 2021, she emphasized the importance of fair treatment among settlement negotiations. 

“The SCAEA negotiations team and I are pleased that we could work amicably with the Board to develop a contract that is fair to both the educators and the taxpayers of the district, as in the case with most negotiations, neither party walked away with everything they wanted. That being said, we do feel that the settlement recognizes the hard work and sacrifices of our members during the most challenging year of their careers.” McGowan said. This is an important step forward that now allows the teachers to begin the school year with a contract.” 

SCASD oversees 11 schools with nearly 500 educators. With that, an estimated value for teacher and aid benefits are additionally included. The retirement incentive program that started in 2013 was to help employees receive benefits and has also allowed employees who meet the requirements to receive higher income based on their current status. The program influences and works towards general recognition among the workforce.

 A faculty member working for a lower salary income rate is eligible to enroll in this initiative, which would allow them to receive additional funds. This gives staff an opportunity to compensate if they continue working for the district. In the years of 2012, there were 202 elementary level teachers. Administrators within the State College Area School District make $20,314 and have an average pay rate of $16,329 dollars in the State of Pennsylvania. 

LOW: $107 


HIGH: $144

Board President Amber Concepcion explains the value in SCASD Funding.

“Both parties worked together to develop a contract that serves the needs of our valued and dedicated educational professionals during this challenging period. State College Area School District pays an average hourly rate of $124 and hourly wages range from a low of $107 to a high of $144,” Concepcion stated.“The highest salary at State College Area Sd in 2018 was $201,456. [The] number of employees at State College Area Sd in 2018 was 674. Average annual salary was $72,635 and median salary was $72,166. State College Area Sd average salary is 55% higher than USA average and median salary is 66 percent higher than US median. Individual pay rates will differentiate depending on the job, department, location, as well as the individual skills and education of each employee.”

Overall, SCAEA Teachers Union has done a fantastic job handling this crucial information. It is the ultimate goal for the SCAEA Teachers Union to ensure and embrace fairness and equal treatment among all faculty and staff. 

 School funding and financial support is one initiative to make sure everyone is getting paid their fair share. This will help them garner insight into the communities broader interests at large. As they look ahead, they are looking forward to implementing new ways to help assist future employees for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year.