Ben’s a Perfect Ten


Grace McDonough, Staff Writer

With the start of a new year, comes the start of the new Bachelor season! Ben Higgins hit it off on the 4th of January with the season premiere, where he met twenty eight women from all across the United States. Higgins is said to be the most wanted bachelor in America at the moment which might be why the show got a record amount of views in the history of The Bachelor.

Among the twenty eight girls who came onto the show looking for love, there was a chicken enthusiast, cowgirl, bartender, dentist and many more interesting occupations throughout the group of girls.

Twenty eight girls came into the mansion at the beginning of the night, but only 20 would be staying there for the rest of the season. The show airs every Monday night where Ben Higgins goes on a journey to find ‘the one’.

It’s not as simple as one may think to be one of the chosen ladies on The Bachelor. They must take a series of long and serious tests to determine if they are right for the role of the Bachelor’s ‘girl’.

It has been said that the girls are given their roles before they actually step out of the limos. They might get to have a say in how they look on the show, but they don’t when it comes to how they act. The girls are sent home based on how the producers feel about their character, not exactly how the actual Bachelor feels about them. In other words, some see the show  as ‘rigged’ and ‘untruthful’.

To see how this dramatic season filled with tears, trouble, and tactical plots comes to an end, watch every Monday night at 8 P.M. on ABC network. Ben in rose (1)