Saint West


Evee Sarkissian, Staff Writer

On December 5th, 2015, Kim Kardashian West gave birth to the newest member of the West family, Saint West. The announcement of their newborn’s name has had people all over social media in a frenzy. Some love it, some hate it, but it brings up the question on everyone’s mind; is this name ridiculous, or should it have been expected from these superstars? The couple’s first child, North West, also created a similar reaction by the public when her name was announced. There were rumors of the Wests staying with the theme of compass directions for their newest sons names with names such as East or Easton. There were also rumors of the couple naming their son God, Saint being not far off.

The reactions on social media have very mixed reactions. Some initial reactions that surfaced on Twitter included; “Saint West sounds like a clothing store where I couldn’t even afford to buy socks” (@Shukat1). “North really got the short end of the stick here” (@BrettRedacted). “I think of what Saint West will put up with for the next 18 years and suddenly his name is brilliant.” (@louisvirtel). Most people’s reactions on social media seem to be negative, or almost comical, finding the name hard to believe. Students around State High also have differing opinions on the baby’s name. Autumn Nicholas, a sophomore at State High says, “The name Saint seems so pretentious, I mean we get it, they’re both super famous, but they act as if they’re higher beings or something”. When some State High students were asked to choose an adjective that describes the West’s new baby’s name, adjectives such as “unnecessary”, “ridiculous”, and “laughable” came up.

The only photo that has been released of Saint was posted to Instagram by Kim Kardashian, and features just his hand, holding onto his sister North’s finger. This is the only glimpse of the baby that fans have received. Pictures of the newborn have yet to be released to the public, so for now Kardashian and Kanye fans will have to rely on their imagination for the baby’s appearance.