Is Football dying out?


Colin Corbett

Photo by Isabella Anderson Senior Colin Corbett (75) stands on the sidelines of a State High football game.

Football is one of the biggest sports in America. Watching football on the weekends with friends and family is a lifelong tradition for some. Yet as studies reveal the severity and quantity of health risks for football players, a new question is beginning to surface. Is football dying out?

As many recent studies are showing, the rates of concussions and injuries are increasing. Worried parents are thinking about taking their children off of the football field. With too many blows to the head, injuries are possible. State High sophomore football player Drew Friberg notices, “I think it [football] has changed a little bit. It’s still pretty dangerous but people are trying to make play safer by changing the rules.”

On the topic of football dying out, sophomore Lorenzo Soto said, “Yeah I think it [football] is; kids keep getting hurt and then they just say it’s fine. Sure you’re wearing pads and it’s safe but when you throw yourself head first at another person’s face you make other kids not want to play.”

Especially for the NFL players as their football careers are short and dangerous, is playing this sport worth it? Assistant Head Coach and JV head coach Mr. Baney believes, “If proper techniques are being taught and practiced and protocols have been put in place, then concussions are and can be infrequent.” Playing football in college or high school is one of the most popular sports the school has to offer. Running side by side with your best friend after practicing in your backyard for years is a dream many people have. On the other hand, since football is a massively popular sport, don’t worry just yet.