Girls Basketball Team Takes It to States


Girls Basketball Team on March 4th, 2016 warming up for States.

Sophie Capparelli, Staff Writer

On March 4th, 2016, the Girl’s Basketball Team attended Districts at Tyrone. Win after win, they made their way to the top. Before all of the hype started, junior Kayla Hawbaker explained what they have been doing to get ready for the big game.

I was definitely excited last season. It had been very exciting for all of us and extending our season into the playoffs just makes it more exciting.” Hawbaker said about making it to Districts. The team has been working nonstop to win this game. “They’re { Penn Hills } definitely a beatable team. If we played like we’ve been playing our past couple of games, we should be able to get the win.” Hawbaker claimed. All week, the team had been practicing, dreaming about a win. “We had been scouting them all that week. We have game film on them, so we get a better handle on their tendencies and offenses and defenses.” Hawbaker said about the team they went against. She had also been thinking about her past games and how victorious they were. “My favorite game last year was when we played Harrisburg at home. We lost to them earlier that season by 3 points on the road and it was our senior night. We all played together it was such a fun game! We ended up beating them by fifteen points.” Hawbaker said while reminiscing.

The game was a nail biter. In the beginning, State High was in the lead. They were down after half time, but when they came back out, they took the lead once again. Sadly, the girls lost in the end, but the game didn’t define all the accomplishments they made in their 2015-16 season.