Construction is Over!


Baylie Cameron, Staff Writer

Ears ringing from the power tools? Legs tired from the horrific trek from North to South? Have no fear: construction is cancelled!

It seems SCASD has finally come in clutch and listened to its students. After the large number of complaints, injuries from fallen branches, and students being 20 minutes late to class, administration has decided construction will take place during the summer and days off only. While this does mean a longer wait time for the “new and improved” State High, it means much more freedom for State High students.

The end of construction marks not only our safety in the case of a fire, but the end of limited access into the school! No more having to cross all the way to the back of the building when venturing across the street! Students will once again regain the right to enter through any and all doors.

With this newfound safety of the students, administration is finally listening to all the complaints and even granting some wishes! With a newly construction free campus, students will be able to complete the senior run! Officials have decided to give State High students one chance to be responsible and care for their environment. If this years’ senior class damages any property or injures any other students, the senior run will be cancelled forever.

All these exciting changes are sure to make State High a more pleasant place for these last few months of school. Keep working hard and standing up for what you believe in, it’s all paying off!

On another note, happy April Fools day from everyone involved in State High publications!