SCAHS Forensics Team at the Pennsbury Invitational


Pennsbury High School’s main lobby after the debate and speech competitions were held

Stephanie Muller

On February 5th and 6th Pennsbury High School hosted its annual invitational forensics tournament. This event was very competitive and only a select amount of people per school was permitted. They hosted a variety of events, anywhere from reading poetry, to Lincoln-Douglass debate, to a mock Congress. Shreyas Sundar had several opinions on the invitational.


“The tournament was very dragged out, and some rounds were unfair,” Sundar states. Later in the day, our team was informed of a conspiracy against SCAHS, that all the opposing teams made a document of possible rebuttals the SCAHS team could’ve made over the given topic. Given all of these efforts to cause SCAHS to lose, they still claimed first place.


Sundar participates in Parli, and states “the competitors were very educated and seemed to have a lot of experience. However, I enjoy the club a lot, it’s one of the most insightful experiences I’ve ever had.”


“This competition was significantly more competitive than my first one, and the people I went up against seemed to have a lot of experience. I enjoy speech and debate team because of all the opportunities to meet new people and compete”, states Junior, Rainer Foley-DeFiore who participates in Congress.


I also participate in Congress, and in my specific chamber some of the people I had to speak against were already committed to Ivy League schools. Some of these people were going on their fourth year of forensics. For me, this was my first year of forensics, and third competition. 


The forensics team is coached by Melissa Wager and Jennifer Rand. For this specific tournament we were accompanied by Mrs. Wager and she states “I adore the Speech and Debate kids. I applaud them for their commitment and hard work. They put in so many hours of preparation, and it is a pleasure to see them compete at the tournaments”.