Lyndsey Reed: Pole Vaulting Champ

Freshman Lyndsey Reed, Pole Vaulter

Freshman Lyndsey Reed, Pole Vaulter

Sophie Capparelli, Staff Writer

As you may know, pole vaulting is a tough sport. Running then suddenly leaping, hoping to make it over the bar. In Lyndsey Reed’s case, it’s a piece of cake!  But it wasn’t easy at first. “My greatest accomplishment has been making it over 11 feet 9 inches by the first part of my freshman year. Also making it onto the Top 15 record list of all time for SCAHS girls, making it to New Balance Nationals, and setting the indoor and outdoor records for a freshman in SCAHS.” Reed said. Reed wasn’t all about pole vaulting her whole life, either, “What got me into pole vaulting was a senior and former student of my mom’s in the graduating class of 2014. He asked if I would give it a go in the summer of my 8th grade year. I came to a few summer practices with some high schoolers and met my coach. After some fun times and early success, I decided to continue this year with hopefully many more {years} to  follow”. In addition to participating during her team’s meets, preparing for the meet is very important. In regards to this, Reed said, “I don’t have much of a pre-meet ritual as of right now. But somethings I do before most meets is listen to music and roll out with some of my teammates”. Speaking of teammates, Reed talked about how loyal they were, “The support between my teammates is great. Everyone has so much energy and we get so excited for each other. This sport brings so much competition between each one of us and we always encourage pushing each other to new heights. There’s always hugs, encouragement and high-fives, good day or bad, practice or meet, there’s always support between us”.

In the long run, all of the practice and determination goes a long way. “As of right now my plans for the future are to continue this all through high-school with both indoor and outdoor. It would be pretty awesome to be able to go to college and pole vault, But I have quite a ways to go, and lots of work ahead of me before any of that is realistic.”

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