Why The H-E Double Hockey Sticks is Cursing Not Okay?

Stephanie Muller

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Over the past few years cursing has become more and more common. In casual conversations the occasional cuss can be acceptable, but is really okay to do?  I believe cursing is acceptable depending on the situation.

They are seen today as more descriptive words, rather than intended to be offensive. If you stub your toe what are the chances you decide to use a curse word?

“Whether or not cursing is okay honestly depends on the situation,” sophomore Elyse Johnson said. If you are talking to your teacher, interviewing for a job, or writing a paper, it’s most definitely frowned upon to use any form of profanity, it presents you as unprofessional. However, in a casual situation talking with your friend it could go unnoticed.

Over the past few decades they seem to have found their way into popular culture. For example, in  hit songs and television shows, even book titles and company names.  

Using curse words  is cathartic, helping people deal with emotion as well as pain. Studies done in 2009 by NeuroReport shows how swearing  helps alleviate pain. The study observed how long college students could keep their hands immersed in cold water. During the test, they could repeat an expletive of their choice or chant a neutral word. When swearing, the 67 student volunteers reported less pain and on average endured about 40 seconds longer.

“Swearing is such a common response to pain that there has to be an underlying reason why we do it,” says psychologist Richard Stephens of Keele University in England, who led the study.

Whether to use profanities or not really boils down to the situation.  Speaking from personal experience, if you use it inappropriately the results are usually negative, so just be aware as to how you use them.