Six Steps to Songwriting

Jamie Claar, Staff Writer

They tell me you want to write something to express your feeling. Somedays you sit there absorbing your favorite songs playing on the radio and wish you knew the secret to what they did. Have no fear though, I have uncovered the truth, and the truth is that there is no secret.


At first one would think that you’d have to be an experienced musician to create the rhymes and crimes these people spit, but this is just ridiculously untrue. When writing a song, you don’t even need to comprehend basic english grammar laws, all you need is a story to tell and at least one musical instrument. Sometimes the song doesn’t even need to make sense like Nirvana’s famous Smells like Teen Spirit.  


There are but six steps to making a song that would make even Ted Cruz shed a tear and Step by Step I will lead you through it.


Skills you will need: basic comprehension of musical scales, basic knowledge of a language

Tools you will need: one brain, one musical instrument, one pencil, one paper


Step 1: Think. To do this you will use your brain you have handy and use it to find things that you feel strongly about, whether it be the injustices of society or how Crazy in Love you are.

Step 2: Making the music. For this step, take your musical instrument that you have lying around and belt out a few notes or chords on a scale. Once you get the chords to your liking, write them down using your pencil and paper. Now you’re On a Plain to success.

Step 3: Writing the lyrics. Here you’re going to have to use your brain and musical instrument. Start playing the chords that you had previously written and mumble incoherent sentences over the music, keeping in mind step one. Soon these will be words or phrases that stick with the song so quickly write them down on your paper so they will Not Fade Away. Soon it will become a more cohesive song.

Step 4: Writing more lyrics. See step 3.

Step 5: Celebrate. Congratulations you’ve done it! You’ve written the most beautiful song in the world. Hallelujah.

Step 6: Practice. Practice your song or risk looking like you’re going through a Manic Depression.
Now all that you need to do is repeat these steps at least 10 more times and you will have your very first album. Now you will never have to worry about ending up stuck in a Green Day cover band. Good job!