Gym Assignments, How Annoying!

Gym Assignments, How Annoying!

Parmis Solaimanian, Staff Writer


Gym class is a requirement in order to graduate at State High. Each student has to get a certain amount of credits. Students don’t mind, but it gets annoying when Gym teachers assign homework. Gym teachers assign homework to juniors and seniors. Even though they give out assignments once in awhile, it is still something that students complain about. Many students try not to complain, but it’s hard not to do it when they are consumed with loads of stress and end of the year gym assignments. The question that many ask themselves is why homework is assigned in gym. Finals are understandable, but on the other side, gym homework is not.


Recently with the school year coming to an end, gym teachers decided to assign an essay for students to complete. Students were told that they would have two full weeks to work on the essay. The assignment was a reflection essay, meant for students to reflect on their progress and experience with the fitness test that was done at the beginning of each quarter of gym.


“Gym is fun and not fun at the same time, because the fitness test includes exercises that we haven’t really done before, such as the mountain climbers. The fitness tests sucked, and especially when we had to write a reflection essay about our experiences with them,” said junior Maggie Hodges. Writing a reflection essay can be helpful at times, but no one usually wants to take the time to sit down and reflect about their progress in gym class. These gym assignments are new to Juniors, since they didn’t have to really do any during previous times. “I think writing the essay out of class was ridiculous. Some students like me do not have internet connection, so I can only do it in school,” said Hodges.


Although students complain about gym assignments, they are not completely as bad as they might seem. “I really enjoy my gym class,” said sophomore Amanda Wang. Some actually do like their gym class and wouldn’t mind if they got homework, though juniors get gym assignments than freshman or sophomores. Therefore, juniors and seniors seem to know what it feels like to get gym homework. Sure, they are annoying especially because it’s for gym. Though gym is just like any other class, so, in a way, it does make sense that there are homework assignments occasionally. The exercises for the fitness test are also part of the class, even though they are new and different. It’s good to have some variety. Since we’re so close to the end of the school year, it’s time to be happier and to tolerate what is left of school, even if it includes a few more classes of gym!