A Reflection on Sports

Parmis Solaimanian, Staff Writer


It is finally the end of the year with only days left until it’s over. The school year has been interesting and filled with exciting extracurricular activities and sports. Many students at State High do activities and sports. When it becomes the end of the year, it is nice to just reflect back on how the year went, especially the different sport teams that students have joined. Since the number of State High athletes have increased over time, it makes sense for them to take some time and think about how they feel about the sports and the team that they play on.


Joannah Skucek, a sophomore here at State High, has been recently reflecting on how the school year went dealing with the sports that she has played. She explained that she started playing rugby during her freshman year at this school and started track when she was in fourth grade. “I feel good about the sports that I do, even though they can be challenging and difficult sometimes. For instance, track workouts are super hard, but they pay off for the rugby season.”


Upon reflection, Skucek explained that both rugby and track have impacted her life. “These two sports, or at least rugby, have impacted my life by making me feel more confident about who I am and what I am capable of.” Sports can impact each student differently, either in a positive way or not. In this one particular case, Skucek feels that it had definitely impacted her life positively and has given a special meaning to her about what she is capable of. Reflecting back on how a sport made one feel, can be important to one’s mood, attitude, and feelings towards that sport. Skucek is proud of who she is and what sports she loves, which goes to show just how much playing a sport can be useful in many ways, such as helping one determine their inner goals and motivations, and attitudes about themselves!