Renaissance Faire


Knights with swords, kings and buffoons – these are all things we wouldn’t normally see in everyday life. Well, anywhere except at State High’s annual Renaissance Fair.

State High students and staff worked very hard on this big project and they are glad to say that their results have paid off. “Ren faire was very good, I’m always impressed by the hard work of those who participate in it,” said Kristen Nodell.

The students rehearsed throughout the year for their different performances and at the same time organized the stands that would be used at the fair. Although it is a big event, it is a fun thing to do. Senior Brian Cunningham said, “Overall it was casual enough that we didn’t feel as much stress and were able to have fun with our performances.”

Seeing all of the people come and enjoy all the work Ren Fair organizers put into the event was particularly rewarding. Even more so since it’s not a requirement to go anymore like it was years ago. Co-President Zoe Small said, “I liked that so many people came who actually wanted to be there. In other years when students were required to go, it was bad because most of them didn’t want to be there.” Besides students, there were also other main contributors to this event, Small said “Definitely the teachers, especially Mr. Olson, for dedicating their time and efforts towards making Ren Faire as good as possible.”