Singing Her Way Through High School


Hannah Richardson, a tenth grader here at State High, is a young singer-songwriter who creates her own music and videos. She often performs at Mini Thon, and has performed in places such as Nashville, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, and University Park.

Richardson remembers being interested in singing as soon as she could talk. “My inspiration was just the music my parents played! Stuff like Led Zeppelin, and The Who, as well as Dolly Parton, and Allison Krauss were some of my favorites. When I was 6 years old, I became a part of the church choir, which definitely started my addiction for being in front of people. From there, I got seen by a director of a dinner theater which launched me into over 150 live performances with the company. I guess it was just fate.”

Like many other musicians Richardson writes her own music. “I started writing poems when I was a little girl, but officially co-wrote my first song at nine years old called, ‘The Country Bug’. Since then, I’ve released thirteen originals and have many more that are currently being produced as singles on my albums, as well as written for other artists. In July, 2016 I released my third full-length album entitled ‘Roots’. This album is filled with songs that I entirely wrote both the lyrics and music for. The songs were inspired from various components in my life, such as movies like Almost Famous, as well as crazy relationships I have at high school…yup. People are literally walking around State High and don’t know I’ve written songs about them. You’re welcome people.”

Richardson has looked up to many different artists, one of which is Meghan Trainor.“Oh one of my favorites has always been Meghan Trainor. Meghan has written tons of music for other artists, and always experimented with different genres of music. Although people identify her with body-image empowered retro-pop, she’s actually written everything from hip hop to country music for other major artists! I absolutely adore that aspect of her, because of how much I love various styles of music. Even if something won’t work for who I am as an artist, (pop-country style), it might still be a good song that works for someone else!”

Richardson plans on pursuing her career as a musician. “As of now, my plan is to head to a city where I can pursue my career in music meanwhile getting a college education. I’d absolutely love to go into law, (perhaps specializing in Entertainment Law). It’s narrowed down to Nashville or LA, but we will see where the opportunities/college acceptance letters take me.”

Richardson explained what it is like for her to perform in front of large crowds. It’s just like becoming a different person. Throughout your life, it feels most people live kind of awkwardly, always worrying about what people think of them. Ironically, when I’m onstage, all of that goes away. I can be exactly who I am, and anything I’ve been unable to express through words comes out through music.”