A Party With a Purpose


Sierra Hockenbury, Staff Writer

What is typically known as a party will be completely transformed the moment you step into a house hosting Young Life. It is vibrant with scattered laughter and conversations spread throughout. On Mondays, State High students are invited to come to a selected peer’s home, beginning at 8:14 p.m. As people arrive, everyone welcomes each other until the voice of a leader, a PSU attendee, is heard saying it’s time to start. At that moment, everyone rushes down the stairs into the basement. The lights are dimmed and music from the live band is playing. Everyone joins in, swaying back and forth with arms wrapped around one another. This continues until it is time to play a game.


A game may consist of making ice cream sundaes inside someone’s mouth while on top of another person’s shoulders or trying to recite the states, avoiding repetition or else you get sprayed with soda. Then announcements follow, sharing any important events or information. Because Young Life is a religious based club, they incorporate prayers and stories, inspiring and teaching students about Christianity. One of the leaders is usually chosen for this role. Club is concluded with a prayer and sometimes a trip to Chick-Fil-A, depending where it is hosted that specific week.


I made the decision to join Young Life after continuous weeks of a close friend begging me to come and see how it is. I finally cracked, curious to see what the big deal was. Although I haven’t been apart of Young Life for a lengthy amount of time, deciding to go was an unregrettable decision. It is such a welcoming and bright atmosphere. Junior Rowan Sheridan, who has been apart of Young Life for almost a year said, “I like doing Young Life because I feel so much joy when I’m with everyone. Getting to know everybody and singing and playing games is so fun.” The social aspect of Young Life is definitely a very popular reason for continuing. “It is an incredible way to get to know other people in the community and at school,” said Sheridan.
Taking part in a community based group like Young Life is very important. Friendships can form and it can lead to endless opportunities. The effects can even be life changing. So next time you’re free on a Monday night, come check it out!