State High Safety Lesson

Gillian O'Neill , Staff Writer

On the night of September 16th, an anonymous threat on the school was posted to Instagram. Some people took the threat seriously from the beginning and some people did not. However, to Bob O’Donnell and concerned parents and guardians this incident was a good way to teach students the power of social media. In this day and age one incorrect wording or politically incorrect joke posted to social media can take a toll. It can cost someone their ability to attend school, go to specific public places or in some cases their job. In a recent email sent to parents and students O’Donnell stated, “We continue to encourage parents to monitor their child’s social media accounts.” Erin Fitzgerald a sophomore at State High shared her thoughts, “After the incident my parents talked to me about my Instagram and Twitter. That stuff isn’t a joke.” Sophomore Morgan Fusco said, “I was scared when I first saw what happened on Instagram but once the email was sent around I felt a lot better about how everything was being handled.” However, not everyone was as forgiving, Laura Halpin a sophomore said, “The whole district was panicked for a joke. I thought the situation was completely uncalled for.”

Thankfully there was a happier ending to State High’s story, but that isn’t always the case. Things posted to social media spread quickly and threats are always taken seriously. However concerned students and staff should keep O’Donnell’s email in mind “…I would not permit us to open schools if the police or our administrative team believed that safety was a concern.”