Swim Team Makes A Splash


Joey Clark, Staff Writer

State High’s swim team enjoyed a very exciting 2015-2016 season with the boys’ team defeating major rival Hershey, the girls’ setting more than a few records, and both sides walking away with yet another district title. Head Coach Ryan Sprang knew from the beginning that his fourth season would be special as it marked the first time he had coached the senior class since they were freshman. But it isn’t so much the broken records or the long awaited wins that showcase what the swim team represents. It is the commitment, perseverance, and unity that define the team as a whole.

For many, swimming has been apart of their lives since they were just a child. Sophomore Meghan Hughes said, “I’ve been swimming competitively since I was eight years old, but swim lessons go back way longer than I can remember.” Swimming is a grueling sport as Hughes explained, “Swimming is a commitment. It’s a major time commitment, a physical commitment, and a big mental commitment.” In order to stay in shape and continue to improve most competitive swimmers practice all year round, Hughes has to swim all year round. She competes with the high school team from November to March and from April to October she swims for NLAC. Nothing says commitment more than having three to four hour practices almost every day over winter break. Despite both teams being headed by Coach Sprang, many recognize the five month high school season as a special time of year, Hughes said, “There is something about high school team that is so special. There is such an amazing bond and unity with this team that makes all the back to back, tiring workouts all worth it. The relationships that are created and the friendships that continue to grow really shine through especially at swim meets and such.”  Despite all the hard work student athletes put in  Hughes said, “Sometimes the swim team is forgotten about or not as popular as other sports. I think it’s super important for… State High and this community to support our team because it really does boost our moral and help us to succeed. We work hard to support our school.”

Although these swimmers are already halfway through their season, their biggest meets against Hershey and Upper Saint Clair are yet to come. With many meets behind them Hughes said, “Our season is going great so far! Despite all the practices we still manage to have a good laugh every day.” The swim team takes on Hershey here at home on January 17th starting at 4:30 and looks to take on Upper Saint Clair February 4th, which will be the last meet of the regular season.