Pokemon Sun and Moon

Jordaan Ahlkvist, Staff Writer

One of the most popular card games, anime, and video game franchises of all time is back at it again with a new region. The all new tropical region of Alola has new forms of classic pokémon and many other new pokémon to find and capture. With the all new region, there have been many improvements and we are here to prove to you that generation 7, Alola is the best generation in pokémon.


Pokémon Sun and Moon are the first main series games in the franchise to not have the traditional eight gyms. Some of the new Alolan forms have become memes, such as Dugtrio and Exeggutor. Instead of adding more Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves were introduced. Z-Moves are extremely powerful but you can only use them once per battle. You get some Z-Crystals from progressing through the game and others you have to find yourself. Z-Crystals are an item you can give to your Pokémon, as long as your Pokémon has a move that is the same type as the Z-Crystal. Some Z-Crystals only work with certain Pokémon.


This new region has some great new pokémon also including some dual types that have never been done before. One example of this is Alolan Golem and it’s evolution line, which are the first ever rock and electric type pokémon ever. With the magnet theme on this pokémon, it provides a new spin on a beloved pokémon that many old pokémon fans will enjoy. Some new pokémon that have new typing are Salandit and its evolution Salazzle. These fire and poison lizards are the first of their typing and the females are much more rare than the males. Also Salazzle are only female, so it’s tough to get one.


That is why we think that Alola is the best pokémon region yet.