New Year’s Resolutions: To have or not to have?


Kayla Moran, Staff Writer

A resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. New Year’s resolutions are common traditions heard from everywhere. They can range from eating healthier, getting a job, trying a new sport, or recreating a completely different wardrobe for a completely different you.

Many people believe in resolutions and many do not. “I don’t really believe(in New Year’s resolutions) because if you want to start a new resolution then you should start it whenever you get the idea but New Years is a good reminder to rethink how you could become better,” said Sophomore Ella Kolln. Sophomore Cameron Renfrew agreed with Kolln. “I don’t really think it’s something to believe in because it’s just something you do or don’t.” However some people do however believe in resolutions. “I believe in them and mine is usually always to be the best version of myself I can be,” said Sophomore Leah Henderson. Senior Kasie Peterson agreed with Kolln and Henderson by believing in resolutions, but admits to struggling to sticking with hers. “I believe in them. I have one to go to bed and get up earlier but I probably won’t stick to them but I’m going to try my best,” said Peterson. Also admitting to not sticking to their resolution is Sophomore Max Krasowitz. “It was to do my math homework because I never did that and I already broke it,” said Krasowitz.

I personally do not believe in New Year’s resolutions. I used to believe in them but now I do not believe because I don’t feel a change going from year to year anymore like I used to when I was a kid. I have resolutions and goals that I try to complete when I can without waiting to start at the beginning of a New Year. I feel like it’s almost a disappointment because if you fail to complete your resolution that you were confident and excited about, then you have to wait months to restart and try again if you really want it to be a ‘New Year’s resolution’, when you can really just restart whenever. Nevertheless whether you believe or not, resolutions can be a positive way to start the year and it might be something new worth trying.