Are School Uniforms a Burden or a Benefit?

Grace Roeshot, Staff Writer

Since the beginning of schooling, the debate has been on-going: should school uniforms be required for students? Whether in public or private school, people have been contemplating school uniforms for a number of years. Some say by restricting what people wear it takes away their freedom of speech and others think differently. There are many pros and cons to this argument, the main ones are that people should be able to express their individuality and also people think that by having uniforms students wouldn’t have to buy as many clothes, hence, saving money.

A positive of having school uniforms would be that students that don’t have enough money to buy expensive, name-brand clothing would not feel pressured to do so, like they are now. The pressure to ‘dress to impress’ can be draining (on yourself and your credit card) and if we had uniforms, you wouldn’t be judged on what you wear because everyone would be wearing the same thing. I have friends that go to schools that have uniforms and they like it because the only clothes they have to buy are for summer, and the weekends which has saved them a lot of money.

A main argument against uniforms is the concern that it takes away students freedom to wear what they want and express themselves in that way. “Uniforms force everyone to wear the same thing which restricts people’s creativity.” said freshman, Nina Burgos. Originality is important to people and uniforms can restrict them to a single mold for students to fit into. Freshman, Caroline Shen says, “students should have the freedom to wear what they want, so long as it’s not offensive and follows the rules. School uniforms restrict the expression that people can have.”

The bullying and judging that comes along with students not being able to afford certain clothes is very damaging to a school environment. I appreciate the fact that I can wear what I want and because I go to a public school it is unlikely school uniforms would be implemented. The positives and negatives of the argument are clear so it depends on the individual’s value on being able to express their ingenuity through clothing.