A Day with You



6am You’re my first thought

7am I miss you and the coffee you would bring me

8am I lie to myself to make everything less miserable

9am I tell myself you miss me too

10am I can feel you forgetting me by the minute

11am I smile at the picture of us on my phone

12pm I remember lunch dates together

1pm I’m used to eating alone now, just me, my sandwich, and my tears

2pm I think I was drowning you with my good intentions

3pm I don’t care about you but I would die for you

4pm I’m wearing the same jeans that I wore the first time you kissed me

5pm I go home and burn the jeans

6pm I can’t eat without puking

7pm I almost text you

8pm I almost call you

9pm I regret everything

10pm I regret nothing

11pm I want you next to me

12am I dream of running into your arms

1am I love you

2am I hate you

3am I wish we had never met

4am I cry myself to sleep

5am I have a nightmare and you’re the monster

6am You’re my first thought