A Letter To You

Shannon Rutherford

Dearest You,

To ignite a friendship is to undertake an enormous task. From that moment on, you are to look after the well being of your fellow friend as well as play the part of the entertainer. You can never afford to stumble or fall, for you may lose the equivalent of liquid gold that is friendship. When this deal is made with the wrong person, it is an enormous burden to undertake. With each waking moment you dread the next interaction with them, for you cannot find the motivation to fulfill the tasks set before you. Or perhaps they simply do not understand the immense responsibility they have signed up for, not helping or entertaining when you ask them simply to do so. Yet when it is with the right person, fireworks emerge. You begin to feel as if you have found a piece of yourself. Hangouts and gatherings will be planned joyously and excitedly as you cannot wait to help and entertain your fellow friend. Words and laughs are exchanged freely and easily. Tears are welcomed simply but rarely used. Arguments come and go but are as fleeting as a light wind in autumn. Connections are made and nourished, growing a garden in both your mind and heart. You exchange your interests earnestly, never fearing of judgement or teasing. With each step you take, you know they will catch you if you stumble. And that my friend is what I have found with you. With you I feel safe and comforted. I need no more fear by the hand of another for I know that if I do come upon such a terrible occurrence, you will guide and comfort me in a way that few others would. Yet you do this willingly. You choose to be my friend through all my quirks and burdens. You stick with me through all the bad and all the good; through the treacherous storms and luscious sunlight-filled days. Any moment spent with you is an adventure beyond words. And for this, I am eternally grateful.


A Wordless Friend