Gigi Trout

My safe little haven was torn apart

In minutes the roof that protected me collapsed

The floor that supported me ate me whole

In seconds I went from protected to endangered


I can no longer hide from the danger

I have to fight

I have to survive

Everything was taken

Ripped from my grasp


Now I am brought forth to the giants

Forced to look at the sky

Forced to look at defeat

Something I could never feel in the cage that protected me


My cage is gone

I am no longer safe

But I am free

Free to fight

To keep myself from falling


I’ve never seen the giants so close

Freedom is something incredible

But freedom doesn’t mean we are safe


Freedom means you know that you are going to lose

You are going to win

And you are going to get hurt

I don’t want to be caged anymore

I don’t want my freedom to be barred anymore

Because I can stare defeat straight into its eyes now