The Waltz of Stars

Ryan Mann

The night as the moon,

He shines a soft glow,

Lighting the world with white light,

His hair a dark cape,

Littered with specks of his love,

Slowly he moves across the sky,

Ever anxious to be rid of the spotlight,

He ducks behind the sights crest,

To rest and find peace in his sanctuary.


The day as the sun,

Blinds with her brilliance,

Her unrivaled beauty reigning,

She is surely a goddess to behold,

For her hair is like flows of gold,

And her eyes like the oceans blue,

Ever afraid of the passing of time,

She sought refuge,

In the soft dark of the moon.


As the day turned to dusk,

And the night turned to dawn,

The two beings of the sky come to meet,

The moon, shy as he is,

Is struck at the sun’s majesty,

And he bows at her feet,

The sun, she as brilliant as a gem,

Finds gentle words of the moon,

And is inspired to a point of song.


Together, hand in hand,

The sun and the moon dance,

Waltz to an echoed song,

A tune heard through the cosmos,

And forever they shall dance,

‘Till death do them part.