A Winter Shake Up


Helena Haynes, Staff Writer

Homecoming, Froshmore, and Prom have always been very publicized and popular dances at State HIgh. The winter dance has been lesser known throughout the years. This year, sophomore president, Grace Biddle, was inspired to make the winter dance a much more fun experience for students. “We were having a meeting about the winter dance and realized that a lot of people didn’t even know there was one,” said Biddle, “So we decided to do more advertising and add more fun elements to make people want to go.” Student council hired a new DJ, got a print photo booth, and also brought back a student favorite, having pizza at the dance.

Good music is always something that dance organizers know will attract students. Hiring a new DJ was on the top of the list of things to change about the dance for student council. Biddle had the idea to hire the DJ that she had at her Bat Mitzvah in seventh grade. She wanted the DJ to play songs that students actually wanted to listen to. “I talked to some kids around school about songs they wanted to hear at the dance and then I made a playlist out of the most popular songs to give to the DJ,” said Biddle. After the dance occurred, students seemed much more satisfied with the music selection compared to past dances. “The music was really groovy and you could really get down!” said Adler Gabel, freshman.

Besides the music, the DJ offered some add on options that student council had the option to choose. They selected a photo booth and up lighting to create a fun atmosphere. By using the photo booth, students were able to take pictures with friends and then bring them home. “The photos give the students something to bring home from the dance as a memory,” said Biddle. Student council provided Valentine’s day themed props for students to use inside of the booth. “I like having something to look back on after the dance,” said Kelly Snyder, sophomore.

Student council received a large amount of positive feedback from students who attended the dance. “…It [the dance] was a great night with all of my friends,” said junior Jason Keller. After the success of the Valentine’s day dance, student council is looking forward to planning Froshmore and already have a few ideas. “We’re thinking about making it a Sadie Hawkins dance (girls ask guys),” said Biddle. They came up with this idea to turn the tables and encourage girls to ask boys. Trying something new will bring a new appeal to this dance that has been a tradition at State High.