A Memorial Day Tradition


Sierra Hockenbury, Staff Writer

Every year for Memorial Day in historic Boalsburg, Pennsylvania, thousands of people come to its birthplace to honor fallen soldiers and the impact that they made. During the festival, people celebrated with food, crafts, rides and music as well as battle re-enactments from the Civil War. The carnival began on the Thursday before Memorial Day,May 25th, and people celebrated all weekend. On Monday morning, May 29th, the Annual Memorial Day Run toured people through Boalsburg to experience its vintage charm. The race kicked off the activities that took place throughout the rest of the day.

The Memorial Day festival attracted people from all over Central Pennsylvania as well as students from State High. One of the favorite activities was bingo, which the Boalsburg Fire Company organized. They charged $0.25 per board, giving an opportunity for those who do not necessarily like rides to still have fun. Freshman Elliot Sheehan said, “Although I’m not a huge fan of the rides, I love to play bingo with my friends!” Junior Reese Johnson said “playing bingo with my friends was a lot of fun!”

In addition to carnival rides and bingo, the festival is also widely known for the booths that are set up by local vendors. Everything from homemade crafts to make-up can be purchased at these booths. The community greatly benefits from the support of the visitors.

Freshman Carissa Tambroni attended the Carnival on Friday night and said, “I had really good time, especially because I got to spend time with all of my friends.” It is a great chance for students to get together with each other, as well as their families.  

To conclude the celebration, a service is held at the Boalsburg Cemetery in remembrance of the soldiers who lost their lives. It is a respectful way for the community to recognize the servicemen and women. The Memorial Day Festival receives nothing but love and support. Johnson said, “It was a great way to spend Memorial Day.”