Wild Dream Team Gets Wild About Recycling


Gabe Billy, junior, Riley Greenland, junior, and Alan Kunig, senior, star in a video that will remind their fellow State High students where paper, plastic, and aluminum waste products can be recycled. Their new recycling program saves 200 pounds of paper recycling per week.

Lena Clark, Staff Writer

A group of students has decided to help our planet, one soda can at a time. The Wild Dream Team is a class of special education students led by a group of teachers and paraprofessionals. Together with custodian Paul Kanagy, they have created a system using signs and colored bins to make recycling easy. After every meal, they remind each other to put their waste in the appropriate bins – be it trash, paper recycling, or aluminum and plastic recycling.  “We’re helping our community by putting our trash in the right places,” Gabe Billy, a junior and member of the Wild Dream Team, said. Junior Riley Greenland added, “I feel like recycling is important because people put things in the wrong bins. We recycle so we don’t put our trash in the earth.”


Their efforts do not stop at collecting their own recycling, though. Twice a week, Wild Dream Team students gather recycling from upstairs classrooms in the North Building. Mr. Kanagy estimates that the Dream Team’s work to collect recycling saves 200 pounds of paper recycling, and 50 pounds of plastic and aluminum recycling per week. Recently, they’ve teamed up with senior Mike Hopp, who is helping the students to film a video for the morning announcements about the best ways to recycle, and why it’s important. Alan Kunig, senior, said, “We’re teaching other kids to put trash in the right places.”


Mary Meier, a paraprofessional who works with the Wild Dream Team, said, “This has been a good project for our students. They’re learning how to help our community.” And now, with reminders from the Wild Dream Team’s new video, other State High students can begin to do the same.