The First HOSA Meeting


Olivia Zhang, Staff Writer

The first HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) club meeting started last week on Thursday, September 7 with supply of cake and chips.

HOSA provides opportunities for students who have interest in future health professions to learn health care knowledge and develop leadership. It is a good choice for students who want to explore the healthcare field but aren’t taking any health profession classes in school. Scholarships are available for seniors who join HOSA as part of the group members. “HOSA can help students learn more about individual aspects of healthcare, in terms of meeting topics and the individual state competition categories. In addition, HOSA helps connect students that have similar interests,” the HOSA Vice President Jesse Torbic said.

Many fun activities are provided by HOSA. There will be guest speakers coming to talk about their professional experience in medical field. The HOSA States Competition will be in March of 2018. Students who win in the competition are eligible to compete at HOSA Nationals. In the middle of year, students will visit National Museum of Health and Medicine for a field trip. The Heart Walk at Penn State takes place on Saturday, September 23 to fight heart disease and stroke.

Students who want to attend those activities can email the HOSA President Supriya Kumar or the Vice President Jesse Torbic for more specific information. Supriya Kumar is the new President of HOSA this year, and she decided to join because she has “always been interested in health professions and plans on pursuing a career in the medical field.” Kumar was nominated to be the President of HOSA last year and she said, “ Leadership is something that has always come naturally to me. I love interacting with the other officers and members to form inputs on ideas to better an already awesome club.”  

HOSA welcomes students as a new addition to the club. The next meeting will take place on September 21th.