Get A Pizza This!


Senior Sydney Asencio receiving her slice of pizza from cafeteria employee Anna Ireland.

Olivia Webb, Staff Writer

At the start of the school year, many students rejoiced at the news of the addition of Papa John’s pizza in the North Building everyday, as well as the return of Panera bagels. These changes may seem to be insignificant to some, but several questions regarding the new additions to the lunch menu have surfaced. Why have these changes occurred? What sparked them? Have there been any other important changes?

According to the Food Service Director of the school district, Megan Schaper, these are the only two major changes to the lunch and snack menus, aside from a new dinner roll that will be served with salads and a few other entrees. As for why these items had been added? While some might have speculated that this could have been a result of Michelle Obama’s initiative guidelines being softened, this was not the case. “The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act policies haven’t changed, but some opportunities for flexibility were extended to schools this year.  We were able to submit waivers to allow us to serve a few food items made from non-whole grain flour.  We used this opportunity to bring Panera bagels back to the breakfast menu and to offer Papa John’s pizza at lunch time,” Schaper said.

Papa John’s is being served in the gym lobby service area as a strategy to draw students out there, and prevent long lines from forming in the cafeteria.

The tactic is proving to be successful, as many students line up there each lunch period to get themselves pizza. “It’s great,” said senior Moriah Webb of the additions, “I get a bagel or a slice of pizza every other day.”

Both the pizza and bagels give the menus a better variety and draw students in to purchase them. Panera bagels are served at the snack lines in both the North and South buildings for $2.50 each, and Papa John’s pizza is served in the gym lobby area for $2.50 a slice.