Riverdance on Memorial


Sierra Hockenbury, Staff Writer

While the student section at the second football game of the year was decked out in ‘Merica gear, the marching band put a new spin on their halftime performance. They performed a Riverdance show, which included a variety of dances and music that the band does not usually do. Sophomore Class Vice President, Elliot Sheehan “thought the Marching Band’s rendition on Riverdance was truly sensational!”

Sheehan mostly enjoyed “when the trumpets were swerving side to side because [he] was very amazed at the multitasking at hand.” Pulling off the show very much depends on the band’s’ ability to multitask. Not only are they playing their instruments, they must perform various movements and dance moves across the field. The practice and training that the band must go through for the Riverdance show is much different than practice for a more traditional show. Sophomore Baritone player, Marcus Wheeler said, “We focused on dancing for a larger amount of time.” The dedication that the marching band has can be seen during performances like these. It also gives the band a chance to mix up what they usually perform and try something new. Wheeler enjoyed the Riverdance show because “the variance of music was different from anything that [he] had done before.”

After the game ended, both State High and Hollidaysburg’s marching bands met in the center of Memorial Field for a battle of the drumlines. This was a casual and fun competition between both bands. Sheehan said, “As if it couldn’t get any better, the drumline battle at the end really capped off the night for me. I enjoyed the competitive atmosphere, despite the lesser competitive game.” The marching band’s performance always encourages school spirit and Sheehan feels that it “really gives an accurate representation of our school as it embodies many cultures, beliefs, and abilities, blending them into one big group of extraordinarily talented musicians!”