State High Reaches Out to Humble School District in Houston, Texas

Maya Yoxtheimer

Students in room 35 North adding to their class collection of donations to help fund the Humble Independent School District after the tragedies of Hurricane Harvey.

Following the tragedies in Houston Texas after hurricane Harvey, the State College Area School District has reached out  to the Humble Independent School District to support the community in recovering from the extensive damages caused by the category five hurricane. State High Students in room 35 North have worked hard in brainstorming and creating a fundraiser to help collect donations for the Humble Independent School District fund.

The students in room 35 decided that a coin drive would be a great way of collecting donations for the hurricane relief fund. Lexi Albert, a sophomore said, “We were starting to think about the school and how hurricane Harvey destroyed the school and it made us very sad.” Albert and her classmates began to list ideas that would help them collect money to donate to helping Houston schools after the hurricane. “People have a lot of change so we thought we should put it to good use.” said William Francis, a freshman at State High. Students began making a list of tasks that were crucial to starting the coin drive such as making a video to be on the announcements. In addition, flyers have been posted around the school to advertise the fundraiser.

William Francis, a freshman suggests looking for loose change in, “pockets, couch cushions, cars and wallets- pretty much anywhere that you have money.” Students in room 35 have a goal of 2,000 dollars for their coin drive. So far, they have collected about 250 dollars- 200 dollars in change and an additional fifty dollars in bills. “Any amount of money will help, even pennies.” said Francis, a freshman. Donations are being collected outside of room 35 in the north building, room 241 in the south building and at the Special Education Office at Panorama Village. All students, staff and State College Area School District community members are encouraged to donate to the fund for the relief fund for the Humble Independent School District in Houston Texas. Donations are being collected at these locations through October 6th, 2017 to help students in room 35 reach their goal.

The students in room 35 have expressed their concerns for the students in Texas that have been victims of the violent hurricane Harvey. Albert said, “What I think is important about helping others is if we help others, it will make the world a much better place.” Albert’s concern for the students attending the Humble Independent School District is clear in her strong efforts to collect donations through the coin drive. Albert and her classmates have worked hard to reach their goal and are well on their way to doing so. Francis believes, “if they help us, we will help them back as a thank you by treating everyone fairly.” Albert and Francis have worked hard with their classmates, teachers and administrators to spread the message to other State High students, staff and community members that it’s important to help other communities in a time of need. The compassion presented by these State High Students is something everyone could use as a little encouragement to search for spare change in our cars or couch cushions to donate towards the coin drive for the Humble Independent School District Hurricane Relief Fund.