The Weeknd On A Weekday


Junior Owen Moore and girlfriend, Junior Meghan Hughes dance to “Starboy” by The Weeknd.

Grace Biddle, Staff Writer

Even though it was not a weekend, The Weeknd came to the Bryce Jordan Center on Wednesday, September 6. The Weeknd is a popular R&B and pop music band. The lead singer is Abel Tesfaye; a young Canadian singer well known for his hit singles such as “Earned It”, “Can’t Feel My Face”, and “Starboy”. This particular tour is for his newest album, Starboy. Many students from State High attended this concert because he is so famous and the concert was so close to home.

Olivia Webb went with her sister Chloe Webb. The girls love Abel and were looking forward to his concert for months, “I got the tickets for my birthday. It was my favorite gift I received. The concert was awesome. I’ve never seen so many people in one room before!” Senior Chloe Webb stated.

The concert opened with performances by Nav and Gucci Mane. These two artists are not as well known as The Weeknd, but their fans were still very consumed in their fresh beats. Gucci Mane’s glowing white smile set the mood for Abel’s enormous opening song.

A spaceship dropped from the ceiling, the room was pitch black. The ship glowed bright with white lights. The crowd went wild. He opened with his most popular song at the moment, “Party Monster.” Junior Owen Moore and his girlfriend, Meghan Hughes, were sitting very close to all of the action. Meghan stated, “It was so cool to be sitting so close to him. I’ve been listening to him for years and to see him in person was surreal.”

The Weeknd played over twenty songs at this particular concert. He did not play any one song all the way through. It was a fast paced, and thrilling event. The lights flashed to the beat of almost every song. The stage was incredible. With the spaceship overhead, beams on lights shot out around Abel to simulate an abduction.

“Can’t Feel My Face” was the seemingly last song of the concert. The lights went off and Adel left the stage. As soon as the crowd ran to the stairs to leave, he returned. He played his first top 100 hit, “The Hills”, the song that launched his career. With red lights pulsing and the bass rocking the entire auditorium, he ended the night with a bang.

The Weeknd took any ordinary Wednesday night in State College and made it into a truly memorable experience for many kids here at State High.