Freshman Fight for Votes


Jake Cooper, Staff Writer


Freshman senate elections are right around the corner. Voting will be held on the 8th and 9th of October and by the 11th State College will announce a freshman president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Here’s an inside look on the candidates running for your votes.


President, Paige Alexander. “I wanted to run because I come from a small school and I know what it is like to not have a voice, so I want to give the people like me a voice at State High and I thought the best way to get it done was to run for president and try to make 9th grade year the best for everyone,” Alexander said. She has not run for president before but has had many leadership roles in her life. If she were to win, Alexander hopes to give people a voice, listen to the concerns of freshman students, and plan the best dances. She plans to get the word out by hanging posters, making an advertisement video, and creating “the best campaign.”


President, Chidere Oputa. Oputa decided to run because she “wanted to be in a position to be able to make events enjoyable.” She has not run before because her old school did not have elections. If she wins, she hopes “to be able to help make all the events and things the school does fun for all different types of people.” She plans on gaining votes by word of mouth and by seeing what people want and trying to make it happen.


President, Jack Wunz. Wunz said “I really believe our class is one to remember. I have a lot of respect for all of my classmates and value everyone’s unique perspectives on many different topics.  To have the chance to represent the class of 2021 as class president would be a true honor, and I am very excited to run and give it my all.” He has never run before, but he is looking forward to the opportunity. If Jack is to win he hopes to be the true voice of all of his classmates. Jack said, “Speaking with many freshmen, I have a lot of issues to tackle. From the limited food options in the south, to being assigned excessive homework nightly, all of the topics I will introduce will be from fellow students. Every single day I will tackle the issues presented to me, and make decisions in everyone’s best interest.” He plans on gaining votes by running a solid campaign and showing everybody that “voting for me is really like voting for yourself.  If my classmate has an issue or idea, I will be all ears. My goal is to inspire other freshmen to speak up if they want change.”


President, Isabelle Snyder. Snyder said, “I want to help create a positive and inclusive atmosphere for my fellow freshman.” Isabelle has quite the impressive resume. “I have run for office four times before. In fifth and sixth grade, I was elected as a representative for my class or team. In seventh grade, I served as vice president, and in eighth grade I served as president,” Snyder said. If she is to win she says she hopes to “help bridge the gap between Leadership Council and the Senate. I believe that our school community will benefit if the dances, parties, and events we host reflect our goal of creating a more inclusive community. A change can only occur if an effort is made by all organizations within the school, not just one.” She plans to get votes by hanging up posters and making a campaign video.


President, Ben Cover. Cover said “I decided to run for president because I wasn’t happy with the people running and thought I could a better job than them.” He has not run for office before but he is excited to. Cover says if he is to win he hopes to give every student a voice in what’s happening in their school. Cover said “I plan to get people to vote for me by having good ideas that relate to everyone and helping with the problems we have currently.”


Vice President, Bayla Furmanek. Furmanek said, “I want to continue to make the school the best environment it can be. I also want to be a good voice for the student body.” She has previous experience and stated “I ran for office in 7th and 8th grade. In 7th grade, I ran to just be part of the council and I was able to be. In 8th grade, I ran for vice president and I won. If she were to win she hopes to makes changes that are necessary to have a great school year and also make changes that the student body feels necessary. She says she will get her name out by using posters and  communicating with people and making sure they know that if I am vice president I will stand by the student body.


Vice President, Claire Jin. Jin said, “I decided to run for vice prez because I feel this is the position where I can make the largest impact. Why didn’t I run for president? I don’t feel like I am the best fit for president. I think I have the qualities of a vice president. I am responsible, creative, and hardworking. I really want to represent all my constituents to the best of my abilities and make their high school experience the best it can be, which will brighten my high school experience as well.” Jin has not run before but she is involved in builders club and community service. Jin says “If I win, and even if I don’t win, I want to make everyone’s high school experience the best it can be. If I win, I want to make school events things that everyone will want to go to, events where there is something for everyone to enjoy so that every single student feels comfortable going. I plan on getting student opinions involved so that the students really have a voice in what their high school experience is like and what kind of events they want us to put on.” Jin said she plans on hanging posters and talking to people in the halls to gain votes.