“Arguably” the Best: Forensics Club Kicks Off the Season Strong


Patrick Jones-O’Brien, senior, decides which events he will participate in this year. The club offers members nearly twenty Speech and Debate events to choose from. When asked what he’s most excited to learn this year, Patrick responded, “Confidence.”

Lena Clark, Staff Writer

On Thursday, September 28th, Forensics Club kicked off its new year with a meeting for both new and returning members. The club has three prongs (Speech, Debate, and Mock Trial) and Thursday was the first time the whole club has met since Forensics season ended last March. Old members were so eager to be reunited that it took president Laura Brownstead’s most commanding shout to calm them down. After sharing some preliminary announcements, Laura dismissed everyone to their respective practices.

In room 242, Mock Trial captain Terrence Li, a senior, prepared members for Mock Trial tryouts next month. This year, the Mock Trial team has only three available spots for new members. Across the hall in room 243, Lincoln-Douglas captain Sarah Stevenson-Peck, a junior, and Congress captain Stephanie Muller, a senior, ran speech and debate drills to get students ready for tournament season. Next door in room 245, Public Forum captains Shreyas Sundar, a senior, and Taran Samarth, a junior, explained debate procedures in detail for new members. And across the hall in room 244, Speech captains Brontë Clingham-David and Joie Erb helped their teammates to choose poetry and prose pieces for the year.

About thirty-five new members joined the club this year, which is a record high. When asked why she decided to join Forensics, freshman Molly Richendrfer said, “I want to get better at public speaking, which will help me with a lot of things in life. Also, this will help me to make new friends.” Ashley Reed, a senior, said, “I joined Forensics because I love public speaking.”

Mrs. Jennifer Rand, one of the club’s two coaches, said, “I am so excited for this season because of all of the new and enthusiastic students. The club (especially the speech team) has grown exponentially this year.” “I’m excited to attend more tournaments and get better at debate,” Caroline Shen, a sophomore debater, said.

Forensics Club meets every Thursday afternoon in room 242. Club members are looking forward to their tournament season, which will open in November and finish in March. And with a record high of new members and plenty of excitement for the upcoming year, Forensics Club is off to what could “arguably” be its best season yet.