Intro to Thespians


Senior Morgan Higgins, the president of the Thespian board, leads students in practicing the song for their homecoming float, “We’re All in This Together” from the movie High School Musical.

Auden Yurman, Staff Writer

There are many different opportunities for clubs and activities at State High. Thespians is just one of them, but for many of the members, it is more than just a club. The first meeting took place on Monday, September 11th While there were many returnees present at the meeting, there were also a lot of new members, especially freshman.

At the meeting, those present were given the chance to learn about different aspects of Thespians. Split into three groups, students moved around to three stations, each led by members of the Thespian board. At one of the stations, senior and Thespian vice-president Olivia Marshall, treasurer John Michael Rosenblum, and Thespians faculty advisor/director Jill Campbell gave the students an overview of the upcoming year in Thespians. They discussed the fall show, The House on Pooh Corner, as well as how students can be involved with or audition for the shows. They also briefly discussed the switch to the new building, which does present a challenge for the State High Thespians, as the North auditorium, where they rehearse and perform, will be torn down.

“We’ll most likely be doing our spring musical in the South Auditorium this year due to construction. It’s a much more limiting space in many aspects, which will be a big obstacle, but I’m excited to see what we manage to do with such a challenging space. That often forces you to get more creative and we may end up with a fantastic end product because of it,” said senior Morgan Higgins, the Thespian board president. Higgins described the switch to the South auditorium as both exciting and very stressful.

Another one of the rotations, led by Higgins, senior board representative Alicia Eckley, and Thespians’ other faculty advisor, Tami Mistrick, introduced the Thespians’ homecoming parade float theme. Every year the club puts together a song and dance to go along with their float in the parade. This year they will be performing “We’re All in This Together”, from the Disney movie High School Musical. Everyone received a copy of the lyrics, and then sang through the song a couple times.

At the last station, students were given a tour of the stage and shown the different aspects of the technical side of Thespians. Membership secretary Sadie Sublett and secretary Abby Mcguire showed the groups around backstage, as well as walked them through the sound booth and costume shop. Tech is a huge part of Thespians, and students are just as passionate about what they do behind the scenes as they are about what happens onstage. “…Thespians is more than some people getting together to perform a show or two. Thespians is about bringing a production to life so that it captures an audience. It’s a dedication, and not something that’s taken lightly by those involved,” sophomore Jessica Gondak, a second year thespian, said.

State High Thespians is a fantastic way to learn about and take part in theater, but there is more to it than that. For the members, joining Thespians impacted them on a very personal level. “ I joined because everyone I had talked to in Thespians had said that they loved it and how supportive everyone was. I wanted something different because I was coming from a club where I constantly felt not good enough. Thespians is a great way to make a lot of friends really quickly,” Eckley said.

Eckley wasn’t the only one to feel that way about Thespians and the people in it. “In Thespians I have met some of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever known. Many of the most talented, compassionate, and intelligent humans in my life have been with me through my time in Thespians. Believe me when I say that you want the opportunity to meet the people who will change your life, and the place where that happened for me was in Thespians. No matter what you love to do, there’s a place for you in Thespians!” Mcguire said. Rosenblum, a sophomore, also agreed, describing the feeling of being in Thespians as the feeling of being a member of a really big family.

Though they have only had the first meeting, State High Thespians is already on a roll and preparing for the year ahead. Auditions for the fall show will be on September 25 and 26, and the actual show is only a two months away on November 17, 18, and 19. Regular meetings take place on Mondays in the North auditorium, and all the members are excited for the upcoming year.