Finding Friendships in Best Buddies Party

Olivia Zhang

The Best Buddies party was held on Thursday, October 5th. Students and parents met after school at the south building cafeteria and snacks were provided. According to Best Buddies club co-president Chloe Bevilacqua, “we had this party so that our peers could be match[ed] and begin their friendships.” Peers found each other by finding their name on pieces of paper and were introduced to each other by doing some fun activities.

The Best Buddies club is a voluntary and nonprofit organization that provides opportunity for intellectual and developmental disabilities students to build one-by-one friendships, to find employment and to develop leadership. “The purpose of Best Buddies is to create friendship between students at our school and students in the special education program, create a bond between these students and others, and create friendship that can last a lifetime,” secretary Kelly Vanden said.

Best Buddies promotes acceptance for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Members care and create activities to emphasize the connection between special education students and others in our community. Vanden said, “I think that Best Buddies is a great opportunity for special education students to become closer with their peers instead of students labeling them as just ‘special needs’, they can realize that there isn’t as many differences as they think.” Best buddies has helped make an impact in State High. Best Buddies President, Bevilacqua said, “This club is kind of like the glue to get the two communities together.”

Genevieve Miller is a sophomore who joined the Best Buddies club during her freshman year. She went to the party on Thursday to meet up with her buddy Lexi Albert. Miller said people should care about Best Buddies, “because it’s building lifelong friendships that can’t be broken, [students with disabilities] are the same as everyone else.”

The party lasted about one hour and ended around 7:00pm. There will be a Halloween party on October 30th.