Kicking DECA Off with Weeklong Festivities


SCAHS staff are thanked through DECA week through a teacher appreciation breakfast. As advisor Mr. Raupers says: “DECA week is for brand awareness and spreading the word about the club, as well as gets students interested”. The breakfast is one of the special events chosen by DECA officers.

Payton Treaster, Staff Writer

It’s DECA week at State High, the most ‘marketed’ time of the year! DECA week is an annual promotional week for the club. DECA is a business club that has been impacting students lives at State High since 1946. In this club, students compete at business competitions against other students to test their knowledge of the business world. At State High, the advisor is Mr. Raupers and the club is open to all grades. As the DECA President, Senior Sophia Rallis explained,  “DECA week is celebrated internationally. All DECA chapters declare one week out of October to be DECA week, but the actual activity days are chosen by [the officers]. It helps to promote DECA throughout the school by getting everyone involved, whether they are a member or not, a couple of weeks before forms are due to hopefully increase membership.”

On Monday, it was “Cookie Day,” which means if you find a DECA diamond under a seat and bring it to the DECA office, you can get a cookie. Since the meetings for the club are on Tuesday’s, the second day of the special week is “Bring a Friend to DECA Day”.  If a member of the club brought along a pal that is not in DECA, they got a special prize. Wednesday was “Teacher Appreciation Breakfast”, in which the club hosted a breakfast to appreciate SCAHS teachers and all that they do. The breakfast was held in the ROAR Store from 7:45 to 9:45, and DECA officers welcomed the teachers to enjoy breakfast. On Thursday, it was deemed “Find a DECA Officer” day. As the title insinuates, if a student finds a DECA officer, that student can ask the officer for a raffle ticket. Friday was then the raffle in which a winner was picked from those who entered, and the winner received ROAR Store bucks. The annual kick-off week was a success this year in the task of marketing for and promoting the DECA club.