Picking Pumpkins and Growing In Friendship


While on a hayride with Best Buddies, seniors Addie Orndorff and Victoria Peoples share laughter and each other’s company. With perfect weather and a good turnout, the pumpkin picking event was a huge success for the group. “It’s a fun way to just do something all together while having fun. It’s really easy to bring up conversation, like ‘Oh, that’s such a cool pumpkin!’ and because we were on a hayride, we could just talk to each other. I think it was very successful and I think we will definitely do it again next year,” Orndorff said.

Sarah Ambrose, Staff Writer

On a warm autumn afternoon, State High students in Best Buddies gathered at Wasson Farm to share friendship, laughter, and pumpkins. Best Buddies is an international organization with a chapter at State High that helps students with disabilities to create strong friendships with other members of the student body. They have monthly get-togethers, and on October 22nd, they went on a hayride to pick out pumpkins. The event was positively received, and junior Claudia Lagoa-Miguel stated, “This was so much fun. It gave me more time to hang out with her [Emily Thom, Lagoa-Miguel’s buddy] and I got to know more about what she did for Halloween.”

The pumpkin picking event has become a yearly tradition for Best Buddies, according to co-president Addie Orndorff, a senior. “We did pumpkin picking because it’s a fun way to get outside with everyone and be together for an event with one purpose,” Orndorff said. Along the hayride, students were all smiles, holding hands with their buddies and swapping Halloween plans. “I would definitely go pumpkin picking again,” Lagoa-Miguel said, adding that it was a very positive experience. Students can look forward to more pumpkin picking and hayrides in the future, as Orndorff stated, “I think it was very successful and I think we will definitely do it again next year.”