State High Loves Stranger Things 2


Merel Padt sets up for her friend Grace Roeshot’s Stranger Things viewing party.

Grace Biddle, Staff Writer

Where’s Eleven? Is Will still stuck in the upside down? Is Mike hot, or is that just me? On Friday October 27, the Netflix original show “Stranger Things” returned to the online streaming service with its second season. The teenage community has had a fixation on this show since it first aired in July 2016, and State High was no exception. Students here are extremely excited to waste their upcoming study halls binge watching season two.

Binge watching is the fastest and coolest way to watch entire TV series now-a-days. There’s no waiting each week for a new episode to air. But this new viewing tatic requires great sacrifices, “I’m going to go home and watch all of it tonight. I’m even going to skip the last football game tonight so I can watch it,” David Shoemaker, a junior, said. SCASD has blocked many websites on the district wifi, but Netflix is yet to be one of them. This lets the legacy of shows like “Stranger Things” live on as a procrastinators paradise.

Some kids decide not to waste their time at school, “I’m going to a viewing party to watch season two. I haven’t even seen the first season. All my friends are like in love with it. I’m just going for the food.” Lizzy Wagner said. A fun and creative way to throw a Halloween party. Instead of the usual high school party, students at State High are having their friends over to watch a nine hour long TV show.

“Stranger Things” has a plot full of dynamic characters, suspenseful confrontations, and heart wrenching love stories. It’s set in the early 80’s and has a very similar love story and sci-fi story, to many movies made in the same time period. The small town of Hawkins, Illinois is a cozy setting that is disturbed by monsters from an underworld. This retro aesthetic is very appealing to the average millennial teenager.

“I’m going to wait until Halloween to watch it. It’ll build up the suspense and it’s more fun than trick or treating.” Peyton Mehalik, a Junior, said. As students get older they feel less and less comfortable trick or treating. This scary yet loving TV show gives them something else to do on their Halloween night. “I’m going to binge watch it. By myself in my room in the dark,” said Emily Martin, a Junior.     

With a new Netflix series comes a new time commitment. If you see someone glued to a screen while crying, screaming, or laughing, they’re probably watching “Stranger Things 2”.