Dominating Districts


Seniors Heather Kustaborder, Payton Porter, Josie Vidic, And Keally Haushalter pose for a photo after their win on Tuesday.

Grace Biddle , Staff Writer


Sophomore Alison Houtz took a chance that resulted in the Lady Little Lions winning their tenth district title in a row.

Houtz took a shot from the 25-yard line early in the first half. Her goal ended up being the only goal of the game, which led to a 1-0 win for the State High girls.

Houtz had only one goal in the team’s previous 19 games. But she decided to “shoot her shot”, and go for glory on Tuesday. “Honestly I’ve only practiced that a few times from that range so I kinda just hoped for the best. It was from a difficult angle and their goalie was pretty good so I was hoping my teammates would be there to follow it if it wasn’t going in,” Houtz said.

“We played really well together as a team. We haven’t made it this far in postseason in three years, so we’re all really excited to see what happens,” junior Jessica Lingenfelter said. The girls have had two coaches over the span of the past three years but that hasn’t stopped them from sticking together and pushing through. “ We all tried to make it positive by knowing that the staff wants the best from us, and we can learn a lot from him,” Houtz said.

State College dominated most of the game Tuesday, even though the scoreboard didn’t exactly reflect it. They controlled possessions and produced many opportunities to score, but they just couldn’t capitalize.

As the final whistle blew, the girls stormed the field to congratulate the varsity players. The girls smiled and posed for pictures with one another. With fun captions such as “10 peat”, the girls instantly took to social media to show off their win.

The girls play Norwin High School tomorrow and have been preparing all last week to beat their new opponent. Houtz said, “we’ve been preparing by going over their formations, players, and techniques so we’ll know how to counterattack it when the time comes.” Everyone at State High will be cheering on the team and showing them their support. State High wish you all good luck in the rest of your postseason.